Introducing the original Gas Ugly Annealer

developed by two knife makers and machining hobbyists who lost jobs due to Covid.

We spent over one year perfecting the designs. Chose the best and most appropriate materials to make this machine. No plywood case, no cheap plastics, and no corners cut.

Machine case made of #201 stainless steel. The clear front panel is impact-resistant polycarbonate ( it’s almost bulletproof). It costs 3 times as much as acrylic.  I wanted it as tough as I could get because I dropped my acrylic prototype and broke it. Yours shouldn’t!!

The standard package includes 5 CNC milled caliber conversion inserts covering 223rem and its family, 7.62*39R and its family, 308win and its family, 300winmag and its family, 338LM and its family. .50BMG when without inserts.

The rotation wheels should last a lifetime because the aluminum is heat resistant.  and I’ve given you two(15mm&25mm). I want you to have everything you need to get started without having to spend extra money. The wheels are also nickel coated with natural diamond grit for a permanent nonslip coating.

The machine comes with a CNC-made adjustable clamp compatible with a gas pencil torch with OD 12.70mm-13.0mm.

A universal propane bottle holder is also included.

We also included a set of high-quality Allen key set and a bolt pouch as a gift to the annealer buyer.

The Allen keys provided are outstanding quality American-made or Taiwan-made. It doesn’t cost much extra to give you really good quality Allen keys so I have.

We have used an appropriately powered motor for the machine, and based on the quality, estimate you should be able to anneal at least 300,000 brass (at 10 brass per minute) or 500 hours run time (at max speed without stalling) before replacement is needed.

RRP: $330 for airfreight international version (made in China and airfreight to countries other than AU &NZ, delivery ETA 1-2 weeks after order) always in stock!

RRP: $330 for made in Australia with parts sourced in China and Taiwan. (in stock & ready to ship)