“Move-Ya-Bastard” 4 Posts Barrel Vise by Derraco Engineering


Introducing our newest 4 posts and 2 posts barrel clamps, designed to meet the needs of professional gunsmiths and enthusiasts alike. Crafted from 1045 carbon steel billets, these clamps are built to last, and the CNC machining and nickel coating ensure rust resistance, even in the harshest conditions.
We’ve taken things a step further by using 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum billets to machine the half-circle pieces that clamp the barrel securely in place. This, coupled with the 4 thrust ball bearings that increase clamping force, ensures the barrel stays put, even during heavy use.
We understand the importance of reliability, which is why we’ve used only the highest-quality materials. Our nuts and bolts are grade 12.9 high tensile, and the clamps are spring-loaded for ease of use. Loosening the nuts will automatically open the clamp, making it effortless to use.
The 4 posts barrel clamps are designed to make light work of even the most challenging jobs. Whether you’re dealing with tikka or howa factory-fitted original barrels, our clamps will get the job done with ease. Invest in our new 4 posts and 2 posts barrel clamps, and experience the ultimate in precision and durability.
Both of our 4 posts and 2 posts barrel vises come with the 7 most commonly used sizes by Australian gunsmiths. Yes all 7 of them are included with the vise!


  • The footprint of 4 posts vise:  150*70mm

  • Bench installation holes distance: 125mm

  • Height: 110mm

  • Clamping diameters:  1,  1.1, 1.12, 1.18, 1.21, 1.25,  1.5 inches (7 sizes come with the vise)

  • Thrust bearing: Model No. 51102


  • Accessories included:

4pc Stainless bolts (2pc for your spare)

2pc  High tensile M12X90mm bolts  with nuts and spring washers and washers (to be used for installation onto your bench)

4pc 5mm emergency use washers (if any thrust bearing fails)


  • About 51102 thrust bearings:

4 thrust bearings will significantly reduce the friction from nut tightening, therefore the same torque on nuts will generate far greater downward force.

Each thrust bearing can statically bear a maximum axial load force of 16600N ≈1.69 tons.

Thrust bearings will damage if bearing balls were not sitting in the running grooves! And the ball bearings bracket will immediately deform and causing bearing balls to pop out. 

Don’t worry! Thrust bearings will be sold by us for $5 ea or $20 for a set of 4.

Each package comes with 4pc of 5mm thick washers for emergency use in case your thrust bearing fails.



  • About the cheater bar:

During the prototype, we noticed some gunsmiths would mount our vise onto a big cheater bar.  You are welcome to do so but you will have to replace the thrust bearings with washers instead. Thrust bearings will get damaged if bearing balls were not sitting in the running grooves! When a cheater bar is used, the bearing will hardly sit level and causing balls to derail and pop out!


  • Warranty:

Limited lifetime warranty that does not cover tear and wear

Please note thrust bearings, bolts, and nuts are not covered.

These replaceable parts will be available on our site at a very economical price @ $5 ea, or $20 for 4.