ONE set of UGLY SRT Shoulder Referenced Brass Case Trimmer (GEN 2)


Looking for a high-quality trimming tool that won’t let you down? Look no further than Ugly SRT Gen 2! Made from premium 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and coated with a hard anodic oxidation for maximum wear resistance, the Ugly SRT Gen 2 boasts exceptional durability and precision. With a high-grade France-made AB SKF deep groove ball bearing press-fitted to the main body and a sharp and durable M2AL HSS milling blade, you can trust that the Ugly SRT Gen 2 will deliver a smooth and clean cut every time. Plus, with our innovative Lock n Adjust ring, you can easily adjust the trimming depth to your exact specifications and even switch between calibers without any resetting needed. And with a collet removal tool made of 304 stainless steel included, the Ugly SRT Gen 2 is the ultimate trimming tool for gunsmiths and DIY enthusiasts alike. Don’t settle for less – choose Ugly SRT Gen 2 and experience the perfect combination of quality and precision.


About Ugly SRT(Gen 2)

  • Main body:
    Ugly SRT main body is made of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy (USA-made round stock),
    hard anodic oxidation coated for maximum wear resistance. CNC lathe milled to be within
    0.01mm tolerance.
    A high-grade France-made AB SKF deep groove ball bearing is press-fitted to the main body
    and provides a very smooth trimming operation. This bearing retails for more than $20 in Australia. Brass tip set screws were used!
  • Snap-fit caliber collet insert:
    Made of 303 stainless steel, CNC lathe turned with high accuracy. This collet insert can be
    removed easily with our insert removal tool. The collet can be installed by a thumb press.
    No.0 collet blank is made of 12L14 easy machining steel for gunsmith or DIY use. 12L14 steel
    is NOT stainless but it is more friendly to reamers on a manual lathe.
  • Milling blade cutter:
    The milling blade is made of M2AL HSS, extremely sharp and durable. The milling blade and
    shank are centerless ground to slide fit shank hole with only 0.01mm in the gap. Therefore, the
    cross-section cut on the brass will be clean and smooth. The trimmer won’t wobble when in
    the rotation due to high concentricity.
  • Innovative Lock n Adjust ring:
    Each set comes with an adjustable ring. Users can use a feeler gauge or simply a piece of paper
    for precise trimming depth adjustment. If the user wishes to change caliber, this adjustment ring can be locked onto the cutter shank. The cutter can be installed back into the main body to repeat the previous settings without any resetting needed.
  • Collet removal tool:
    Made of 304 stainless steel.


Complete content list of Ugly SRT set:
1 pc Main body fitted with bearing
1 pc Caliber collet insert at buyer’s choice
1 pc M2AL-HSS milling blade cutter
1 pc Lock N Adjust ring
1 pc Collet removal tool
1 pc Collapsible package with Vpi rust inhabitant paper

Please advise collet insert No. when you put the order! We will contact you if a collet number is not provided. 


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